Hi everyone,
Welcome to my very first blog site. I’ve always wanted to create a blogsite but never found the time to learn. This is precisely the reason why i finally signed up with CSU MEdTL DE course as i know i will have no more excuses but to learn how to use various social media platforms in order for me to fulfill the various course requirements. This is opportune time to catch up with many recent development in digital technology. I have deferred this course for the longest time. Family commitment such as growing children, elderly parents to look after as well as supporting hubby in his Doctorate Studies deterred my doing so. Finally, now that the home front is kinda stable, it is my turn to take a break from the daily routine of work and for me to return to virtual school. Am thankful that the my employer has given me a year sabbatical to pursue my area of interest and passion–managing the school library. In order to remain relevant and connected with my students at school, I hope to learn much knowledge and skills from CSU MEdTL DE course, which i personally feel is long overdue. Think i have shortchanged myself and my students!

What i enjoy most….
I am one who enjoys travelling and being Geography trained i especially love to travel to places famous for their natural scenery. I recently spent 12 enriching days (5-17June11) on the famous Silk Road. Am glad i managed to cover Kashgar and Taskorgan, two western most cities in  Xinjiang Province, China. Managed to visit an ancient city within Kashgar and the famous Stone Fort of Taskorgan, both of which were film locations for the movie, ‘Kite Runner’.  Now, you see why i decided to use a few photos of the recent trip in my header banner.

Being a newbie at creating blog sites, i found various YouTube video guides to be very useful. Learned quite a bit in creating my blog site. You Tube video clips are really amazing and valuable teaching and learning resource if properly harnessed!