Though Kathy Schrock’s (2002) article is a little dated but i frankly feel she was ahead of her time listing the 26 important web evaluation criteria back in 2002, pre social network phase. I feel that many of the 26 criteria discussed are still very much applicable. Thanks to the 2002 article that came with many links, i discovered that Schrock has been extremely generous in sharing the various differentiated ‘Critical Evaluation Forms’ online. These ready to use forms are very well designed and have been recently updated (2009) to take into account web technology changes over the past 5 years. She has even created Critical Evaluation Forms for iPad apps, blogs, podcasts, online videos!! All of which were either created or updated in 2011.  This is a clear example of an advantage of digital information as opposed to print resources. It is fast and cheap(no cost) to update online information while print materials do have  tendency to be dated as it is based on the year of publication. Definitely more costly to update and revise print materials.

Do visit her website for the wonderful resources.

Reliability Criteria
FORUM ACTIVITY-Based on the article by Schrock(2002), some additional questions to add on to Herring (2011) pg 42 Table 3.1 Reliability Criteria could be:

1) Did the site author include proper citations and bibliography for students to cross-reference? (Proper citations could resolve any issue arising from ‘fallacy’ where information may be used out of context.)

2) Are there any form of misinformation such as inaccuracies of content; use of opinion verbs to sway and influence the reader?

3) Are content verifiable? (With proper citations students can further ascertain the accuracy of information.)

In order to compare the various reliability criteria by Herring (2011) and Schrock (2002), i used mindmaps to summarise and to map out a hybrid set of criteria.For the reliability criteria, Schrock covered topics such as Citations, Fallacy, Jerry-Built, Misinformation, Verifiability and Xtra Information. Hope i’ve captured the comparison accurately in the attached mindmaps. Pls point out errors. Thanks!

PLs check out the word document to have a look at the mindmaps mentioned above.

Technical Criteria

FORUM ACTIVITY: Look at the technical criteria included  in Schrock’s surveys and reflect on whether there might be other technical criteria which you might consider to be important when selecting websites for school staff or students. 

Other Technical criteria that could be considered are:
1) whether provisions have been made for special needs students eg visual impaired to access the information in that site.

2)whether one can access relevant information in 3 clicks.