Articles by Todd (2003) and (2008) have provided interesting read on the need for TL to systematically document their contributions and value-addedness to the students learning and achievement.

  • Todd, R.J. (2003). Irrefutable evidence: How to prove you boost student achievementSchool Library Journal.
    Enjoyed this article by Todd(2003) where he shared the story of Di Wilson, a school librarian, who has over more than 15 years, stashed away a storehouse of evidence that shows her relevance to student learning. Through her meaningful and successful collaborative programmes, she successfully gained school-wide respect which resulted in her gaining positive support from the school management. This case study points to the importance of evidence-based practice of systematically documenting how TLs make a difference in student learning and achievement. This will in turn help profile and give recognition to the TL.
  • Todd urged TL to move away from advocating the value of school libraries and to start documenting tangible outcomes of student learning as a result of school library programmes. Todd recommended the teaching of inquiry-based research where students learn from a variety of sources to construct their own understanding. Inquiry based approach provides opportunities for students to apply literacy skills within the context of inquiry-based research  which offers excellent opportunity to document learning outcomes.

Todd, R.J.(2008): The Evidence-Based Manifesto,. School Library Journal, 54(4)

The opening statement by Todd (2008), “If school librarians can’t prove they make a difference, they may cease to exist.”, basically sums up the importance of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) as  strategy to measure accountability and through it brings about sustainable development of the school library profession. One other interesting learning point from the article, arises from another statement made, “EBP is not about the survival of school librarians, it’s about the survival of our students.” This according to Todd(2008) is the social justice and ethical imperative for EBP.