Art, Design & Media Library @ Nanyang Technological University
DATE : 14Oct 2011 (Fri)  TIME: 3.15-5.30pm


I visited the ADM Library at NTU on the 14th Oct (Fri) and was warmly received by Mr Baharudin (Head/ADML) Assist Director (Lib Technology & Systems and Ms Ng Mee Ling (Art Librarian).

Learning points
From the dialogue and sharing with both personnel of the ADM Library, I learnt that the library is one of 7 libraries in the Nanyang Technological University serving specifically the undergraduates and staff of the Arts, Design and Media faculty. The ADM subject courses such as Animation, Art, Design, Filmmaking and Photography strongly influence the collection development of the library. Currently, the library has a collection of well over 11,000 books specifically in the areas of visual art, architecture, drawing, design, illustration, painting and photography. These include reference materials, animation guidebooks, production (plays and cinema) resources, exhibition and design catalogues. Core reading materials stipulated in course lists are located in the Reserve Book Collection and can only be on loan for a maximum of two hours. The library subscribes to over 100 periodicals, covering the school’s curriculum in media, film, animation, design and art. The library also has a comprehensive and expanding collection of Audio-visual materials such as VCDs, DVDs, audio CDs for loan to students and faculty members.  Please refer to powerpoint slides below which show the various services and facilities of the ADM library.
The contemporary library design, the libraries’ collection coupled with ready AV/ICT services, I feel, makes the library interesting, appealing and welcoming. The feeling of being ‘cool’ to be in the library seems pervasive.

Besides reference service, the ADM Library also provides instructional services for students and staff where they are introduced to the different art-related online databases and resources. The librarians conduct Library Essentials workshop and tour of ADM Library for new undergraduates primarily through mass lecture approach using powerpoint slides. ADM Library website and blogsite are used actively to put up instructional slides and subject research instructions. Other user education strategies involve information on survival skills,  library tour and subject research instructions.

Though the ADM Library is one of the smallest satellite library of the Nanyang Technological University, it  nevertheless aspires to develop its ADM collection into the largest in  Singapore.