In the podcast by Charlene Li, influential thought leader and founder of Altimer Group, held during Online Information Conference in 2009 in London, she shared on the impact of social media on commercial organization, government and educational sectors within society.

The main points highlighted in the podcast based on the theme of “The impact of social media” are:

  1. As a leader of an organization, one needs to be aware of the impact of Social Media on customers and employees. Leaders need to be mindful that both the customers and employees are now able to communicate online where good and bad experiences are very quickly amplified.
  2. Employees too are online. What are they saying to customers? Are they playing games, wasting time?
  3. The advantage of social media- New way a company can interact with customers. With Social Media, people/customers can choose path to engage the company.
  4.  Disadvantage. Customers can exercise so much more power. Poor customer service can easily be uploaded in Youtube video. Considerable damage to the image of the company.
  5. How social interactions fit into Govt space- greater transparency, greater ability to see what they are doing. Govt want to have better conversations with the people. Reminds me of the recent S’pore General Election held in May and the S’pore’s presidential election held in Aug where there is wide and active use of social media to connect with the citizens.
  6. In the academic world, the all knowing professor and teacher, sage on stage will give way to greater student interaction, sharing and collaborative learning. Through SM, teaching approaches will need to change to engage the digitally savvy students.
  7. There is a need to develop a culture of sharing and collaborative learning which ismade easy with social media and digital technologies. Information hoarder will be an outcast in today’s context.
  8. Long term effect of SM on newspaper industry~bullish and positive of SM on journalism
  9. Top 3 tips by Charlene on the impact of social media.
    1. Who are your target audience you wld want to engage? Socialgraphic (instead of demongraphics) of audience.
    2. What strategy to adopt? Innovate, have a dialogue?
    3. Be prepared for implications- get to know how pp feel about using social media tools, technology.