Write a critical evaluation on ASU Libraries’ use of these platforms to achieve the 4Cs of social media (in no more than 350 words).
After viewing the 5 one minute videos, I am totally impressed by the quality, creative talents of the producers and am even more convinced that the one minute video clip series is a brilliant and innovative idea to engage the net generation library users. The short one minute clip provides a multi-media experience to promote the library collections, services and to broadcast events, programme and message to the community. The short duration, coupled with the creative use of text, visuals and appropriate choice of music made the video clips appealing and engaging to the extent of them being addictive. I was looking forward to see others just to check out the creative work of the producers, an indicative measure of its success to effectively and efficiently communicate with the community. The use of youtube video clips enables the community to provide feedback and comments allowing opportunity for users to have a conversation with the producers.
Besides the use of The Library Minute video clip, the library also uses a number of Web 2.0 tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, RSS, Flickr, Vimeo and iTunes to achieve the 4Cs of social media. The library Facebook is actively used to update and inform users of various library related matters such as opening hours, events and an announcements. This is a useful platform to socially engage in conversations and collaboration with the users. Input from end-users in the Facebook ‘comments’ field allows for users participation and contribution of ideas and content. The library is also actively using RSS feeds to harvest relevant information so as to provide targeted information to the patrons. Aside from that the library has also created RSS feed for users to subscribe, which includes updates on new items in the collection and new services.
A Very Special Library Minute: Protecting Your Stuff
This one minute video clip is very creatively put together to remind users to take care of their own belongings while in the library. The creative use of text and movie shots provided appropriate visuals which effectively send the message across.

The Library Minute: Facts About ASU Libraries
Effective and useful to familiarize new users/students to ASU libraries. Use of creative ‘tag cloud’ visual which highlight terms like ‘8 libraries’ in ‘4 campuses’ helps the user to remember facts and figures. Words like ‘Books, journals, databases’ immediately convey the message on the type of resources provided. Message on easy access to edatabases and research journals 24/7 are clearly put across. Perhaps an improvement wld be to include the library resource URLs.

The Library Minute: Mobile Web
A creatively packaged video to show the versatility of the mobile library web features.

The Library Minute: Checking Out Books
Very effective 1 minute video on how to locate,loan and renew books. If time permits, it would be even better to include 1-2 more slides on the OPAC

The Library Minute: Fun Things To Do at the Libraries
Good promotional video on the kinds of things students can do at the library during the hot summer season. Felt that the racket and ball throwing went a bit too far. For a middle school library like mine, it would not be appropriate as my students will literally take that as a message that they can play any form of games in the library. Perhaps at university libraries, students will be more sensible and mature.