READ the post A to Z of Social Networking for Libraries (22 January, 2010) on the Social Networking for Libraries blog.
Consider this advice in terms of a library and information agency that you know (as an employee or user). Select advice from five (5) letters of this A-Z list and consider how these may be applied to this library to help it embrace a Library 2.0 ethos. Write up your findings as a post (of no more than 350 words in your OLJ).
I can see the relevance of the A-Z advice of Social Networking for Libraries to the current middle school library I am working in. The library currently does not have its own official website and the small segment on the library in the main school homepage is managed by the school webmaster which makes updating and changes a slow an tedious process.
For a start I hope to subscribe to Libguide and attempt to create a dynamic library website and other userful subject guides. Through the LibGuide, I hope to harness useful Web 2.0 tools (such as RSS feeds, chats, cloud tags, video) to communicate with the student users by firstly informing them of useful library administration matters such as opening hours, history, facilities, services,rules and regulations. Procedure for loan, return and renewal coupled with how to access other resources will be also promoted. Gradually over time, the library hopes to achieve the 4Cs of a participatory library which encourages collaboration, conversation,community and content-creation.
E books
A good to have resource but being a middle school library with limited funding, the e-Books collection is anticipated to grow slower in Singapore school context. This is in part due to the fact that the National l Library Board (NLB) of Singapore has subscribed to a vast collection of e-Books which are readily available to the student population. Instead of duplicating the eBook collection, it is advisable that Singapore school libraries promote the use of the NLB collection .

S-Slideshare is a useful feature which I will likely include in the new LibGuide as it easily allows the sharing of powerpoint slides. This tool wld be useful for teachers and librarians to upload instructional materials delivered via powerpoint. The LibGuide could serve as a repository of useful teaching ppt slides for students to review and use.

V-Videos from youtube which are relevant for the various subject curriculum could be evaluated, compiled for use by various level and subject teachers. The library could also produce a video compilation to promote facilities and services of the library.

G-Good Reads is a very useful library aid especially for librarians to use for collection development. It is also useful for staff and students needing some advice on identify the type or category of books to read.