Based on your reading in Modules 1, 2 and 3 so far, and your examination of Abram’s and Harvey’s definitions of Librarian 2.0 and the views presented in the above YouTube clips, define what you believe to be the essential knowledge, skills and attributes of an information professional in a Web 2.0 world.
Write up your definition as a post (of no more than 350 words) in your OLJ.
How I would define the essential knowledge, skills and attributes of an information professional in a Web 2.0 world.

Firstly, to be aware and knowledgeable of various Web 2.0 tools and technologies and secondly to be able to discern those that are useful to the library in fulfilling a need such as to better reach users and provide value added services. Use of RSS feeds for instance would be useful Web 2.0 tool to aid and update users with relevant and up-to-date information effectively. Apart from knowledge, it is also essential that information professional learn the skills needed to apply Web 2.0 tools and to role model the way to other library staff and colleagues. Being positive and excited with harnessing Web 2.0 technologies to enhance the library collection and services is critical in determining the success rate of any venture to embrace new technologies.  “I am a librarian who thrives on change and enjoys experimenting with new resources and tools”, a statement by Missy Harvey (2009) is an exemplary disposition and attitude for any would be Librarian 2.0.
The Librarian’s 2.0 Manifesto by Linda Cohen (2006), succinctly sums up the essential  attributes, a librarian 2.0 should have.
 Linda Cohen’s (2006) Librarian 2.0 Manifesto

  • I will educate myself about the information culture of my users and look for ways to incorporate what I learn into library services.”
  • I will not be defensive about my library, but will look clearly at its situation and make an honest assessment about what can be accomplished.
  • I will become an active participant in moving my library forward.
  • I will recognize that library change slowly, and will work with my colleagues to expedite our responsiveness to change.
  • I will be courageous about proposing new services and new ways of providing services, even though some of my colleagues will be resistant.
  • I will enjoy the excitement and fun of positive change and will convey this to colleagues and users.
  • I will let go of previous practices if there is a better way to do things now, even if these practices once seemed so great.
  • I will take an experimental approach to change and be willing to make mistakes.
  • I will not wait until something is perfect before I release it, and I will modify it based on user feedback.
  • I will not fear Google or related services, but would rather take advantage of these services to benefit users while also providing excellent library services that users need.
  • I will avoid requiring users to see things in librarians’ terms but rather will shape services to reflect users’ preferences and expectations.
  • I will be willing to go where users are, both online and physical spaces, to practice my profession.
  • I will create open websites that allow users to join with librarians to contribute to content in order to enhance their learning experience and provide assistance to their peers.
  • I will lobby for an open catalog that provides personalized, interactive features that users expect in online information environments.
  • I will encourage my library administration to blog
  • I will validate through my actions, librarians’ vital and relevant professional role in any type of information culture that evolves.