Identify a website of a library or information agency you are familiar with (as either an employee or user) that is utilising one or more Web 2.0 technologies to provide information services and/or learning support.
Based on your reading of Mathews (2009), Lazaris (2009), McBurnie (2007) and Governor et al (2009):
1) develop your own set of criteria (up to 10 criterion) with regard to effective library website design; aand
2.evaluate the effectiveness of the selected library website based on your set of criteria, and identify aspects of this website that could be improved using Web 2.0 technologies.

10 simple criterion for an effective library website design would be:

  1. The overall appearance as first impression matters to me. As a user, a website should  be slick, uncluttered and progressive.
  2. Up-to-date content and dynamic content- information must be current
  3. Use of Web 2.0 tools to achieve the 4Cs
  4. Use of inspiring and relevant visuals (photos, videos, podcasts)
  5. Search boxes that are useful and friendly to users
  6. Feedback box/form to obtain suggestions for improvements, ideas and complaints wld be useful feature to have
  7. Ask-a-Librarian link to aid library users. (eg Meebo)
  8. Analytics feature to provide usability testing and analyzing actual online behavior is valuable.
  9. Use of appropriate visual cues/icons to grab users attention
  10. Segmentation-need to communicate with users in the most effective manner. Need to customize, wording, images and style to the age grp of users.