Five examples of ‘shifts’ or trends noted in video entitled, “Did you Know 4.0” that can have an impact on how individuals behave as digital citizens:

  1. Rapid surge in the use of new technologies & social media in daily activities. This has resulted in the print publications and circulation to be on the decline while that of online news and information gaining popularity.
  2. Rapid growth of video uploads in the YouTube. Unique visitors every month to  YouTube, FB and MySpace far exceeds visitorship to more traditional information providers such as news broadcasters such as ABC & NBC.
  3. Popularity and rampant illegal music or song download. As mentioned in the video, 95% of all songs downloaded in 2008 were not paid for.
  4. Lack of confidence in online services. As seen in the video, 93% of adults in America has cell phones but 1/3 do not feel safe using it for purchases.
  5. Increasing popularity of mobile devices as the primary connection tool to the internet.