The Five Ws to adopting a social media policy (Lauby, S.,2009)
1. WHY have such a policy? To protect and safeguard the organization/employer
2. WHAT can social media do for my organization?-help businesses make profit
3. WHO should the policy cover? All employees
4. WHERE should you let employees know about this policy?
5. WHEN is the right time to implement a policy? NOW
10 Must-Haves on your social media policy (Lauby, S.,2009)
1. Introduce the purpose of social media
2. Be responsible for what you write
3. Be authentic
4. Consider your audience
5. Exercise good judgment
6. Understand the concept of community
7. Respect copyright and fair use
8. Remember to protect confidential & proprietary info
9. Bring value
10. Productivity matters

The video clip titled, “The Marketing Capability: The Future is Digital” hosted by Best Buy CMO Barry Judge tells the story of how Best Buy’s Marketing Capability talks (and listens) to its customers. Interesting to note the Future in Marketing is Digital.