What is copyright?

  • Copyright (CR) is a set of rights given to owners of creative works such text, artistic works, music, computer programmes, sound recordings and films –to reproduce the materials or perform the work to public.
  • CR owners can prevent others from reproducing or communicating their work without their permission
  • CR owners can sell these rights
  • CR is separate right to property right in an object
  • CR in Aust (Singapore too) does not need to be registered.
  • A work will be protected as soon as it is produced in material form or recorded or filmed.

For more info. go to Smartcopying http://www.smartcopying.edu.au/scw/go/pid/649

What about creative work such as Youtube videos and music videos?

Interesting to note that there are 2 Educational Licences for Australian schools and TAFE tt govern the copying and communication of CR works:

1) Part VB for Text and Artistic Works Licence (administered by CAL)
In 2007, schools & TAFE paide $50 Million in licence fees to CAL!!
Allows a school or TAFE to photocopy/electronic copy and communicate

  • Up to 10% of work
  • one article from a journal
  • the whole work tt has not been separately published
  • commercially available within a reasonable time at an ordinary commercial price.

2) Part VA for Broadcast Licence (administered by Screenrights).
In 2007, schools & TAFE paid >$16million in licence fees to Screenrights

  • allows electronic copying & comm of off-air radio and television broadcasts for educational purposes, including:
  • putting a digital copy of a prog on to a network
  • emailing a digital copy to students
  • copying and communicating  a free-to-air broadcast via webcast or podcast