A collection management policy according to Kennedy (2006, p. 12) ‘is a written statement of the policies intended to govern the activities of a library in regards to its collections.’

Why have with such a policy?

  1. The policy is a planning tool to assist the library in its collection-related activities.
  2. It is a way of communicating the library’s collection management intentions to those who wish to know about them (p.12).

Kennedy’s primary reason for retaining the use of the term ‘collection development’ as opposed to ‘collection management’ stems from 2 main reasons: Firstly, the emphasis on selection being one of the key activities of the library which results in growth, hence use of the term ‘development’ of the collection. Secondly, from the many publications, even recent ones, that still use the term ‘collection development’ rather pervasively. Given the high possibility of many libraries facing issues of  funding to develop their collection and the current digital information environment resulting in many readily available information at low or no cost via the Internet, the term ‘collection management’ may be more suitable for the 21st century context.